Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A heart-wrenching diagnosis, a flurry of doctor appointments, visits to the Audiologist, therapy sessions, sound booths, hearing tests, surgeries and hospital stays. From the very beginning of our journey, I found myself chasing normalcy.

At 18 months, Rhyan’s first hearing device was a body worn processor. This processor was large and cumbersome, worn beneath her shirt in a harness. To change her battery or trouble shoot an issue, we had to lift her shirt and work the processor out of the small pocket in the harness. Something as simple as going to bed became an obstacle. The harness had to be removed, only to be replaced again on top of her PJ’s for Rhyan to hear bedtime prayers and ‘good-nights’. It was the constant reminder that we hadn’t yet found normalcy.

When Rhyan turned five, we traded in her body-worn processor for a BTE (behind the ear). I had been waiting her whole life for that BTE. An obstacle had been removed.

Paige is 8 years old. She has never been able to replace her body worn processor for a BTE. She still wears the harness, still has to wear that cumbersome processor, still carries her obstacle. Her life of cartwheels, handstands, hanging upside down on the monkey bars; it’s all nearly impossible with the weight and awkwardness of the body-worn. On a daily basis at school, she must change her volume, input cords for the computer and attach her FM system, all which she must lift her shirt and remove the device from her harness. For an 8 year old girl, this is an embarrassing and potentially traumatic situation. Paige has only one cochlear implant and a body worn processor with outdated technology. Because of you and others like you, we get to help change Paige’s life. Because of your support and your prayers, Paige will finally be able to get her BTE.

Paige and our candidate following her, a four year old girl waiting for her second ear, are the reason Rhyan’s Hope exists. It’s why we’re running Rhyan’s Race, why we struggle so hard with the trials and disappointments that come with any event, or any foundation. It’s all for them.

Our children will face so many obstacles in their lives. Be with us to not only help them chase normalcy. Be with us as we watch them capture it.

Go to to register for Rhyan’s Race. It’s worth every step.