Tuesday, February 16, 2010

“There is a God-ordained passion that makes you glad, sad, or mad. There is something that breaks your heart because it breaks the heart of God. The only question that remains is this: what are you going to do about it?” Mark Batterson, Primal

So, what breaks my heart...

The first-time mommy holding her day old daughter - in awe of her perfection, memorizing her features - only to be told moments later that her child failed her hearing screen.

The daddy that realizes all the songs he sung to his child in the womb were in vain.

The mommy that spends countless hours in waiting rooms, sobbing from the ache and exhaustion, when all she wants is to be home bonding with her newborn.

The books that were purchased but never read.

The play dates the mommy avoids because all the other baby are hitting milestones her
child isn’t.

The tear-soaked pillow in the middle of the night.

The silence, because sound is only a reminder.

The countless times the daddy has clapped his hands behind his little girl’s head, just in case the Doctors were wrong.

The hours on the phone with the insurance company, only to have the phone battery die.

The knowledge that their baby could hear if the insurance company felt hearing was medically necessary.

The parents that watch the clock tick as the window closes on their daughter’s speech and verbal development.

This is my God-ordained passion. This is what breaks my heart.

And this is what I’m doing about it. We’re running a race where 100% of your sponsorship will go to Rhyan’s Hope. Click, sponsor your runner and donate. www.rhyanshope.org/gasparilla.asp . And, as always, know that your prayers are priceless if you’re unable to donate monetarily.

I was that mommy, Matt was that daddy. But, we aren’t the only ones. There’s a little girl who’s parents are just like we were, and they need us now.

If we keep our eyes focused on God, our greatest heartbreaks will be the foundation for putting it back together again.