Sunday, April 11, 2010

As the year progresses, changes continue to take place rapidly. Jillian H., or Jillian number 2, is scheduled for surgery on June 11. She will have her second implant and all her parents love and hard work will have paid off. Rhyan’s Hope has been privileged to take part in what will always be exciting and miraculous. We’ll keep you informed on her surgery and recovery.

Paige received her Freedom processor on Thursday and she is scheduled for a mapping on Wednesday to ‘turn it on’. Paige is the little girl that was wearing the large body worn processor for most of her 8 years of life, and will now enjoy the life change of wearing a small, sleek behind-the-ear processor that will barely be noticeable – to others or to her.

We have been in contact with Nemours hospital in Jacksonville regarding surgery for our next candidate, Azaryah. A few weeks ago, Rhyan’s Hope received a $10,000 donation toward Azaryah’s second cochlear implant, and we’re so excited to see how God will use this little girl through the generosity of others.

The update is that God is still working in His amazing ways. Children are hearing and beating the odds. And we remain in awe.

With much love and gratitude,

Rhyan’s Hope, President