Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mady and Rhyan

I can't thank Mady and her mommy, Jenn, enough for their love and generosity. Mady sacrificed her birthday gifts for donations to Rhyan's Hope. I am still in awe that such a little girl has such a big heart. We love you guys!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Thursday, March 27, 2008


I hope you all had a beautiful Easter!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Thursday we were so privileged to finally meet Jillian and her family, Andrea (mom), John (dad), and big sister, Isabel. It was such a surreal experience to meet people we already knew. Andrea and I both felt that we were long-time friends reconnecting after several years. And once again, I’m so grateful for how God works on relationships in a heavenly realm.
There were many touching events that day. I loved watching Andrea and Rhyan interact as Andrea gained insight into where Jillian will be in 5 years. At one point, Jillian’s outer processor had fallen off and Rhyan instinctively placed it back on for her. But, maybe the neatest thing that happened was when I handed Jillian a little chick we brought that chirped. I saw her face react to the noise and I was able to relive those priceless miracles we witnessed with Rhyan.
Isabel and Rhyan became fast friends as they participated in the sacred shoe exchange, and Evynn, true to Evy style, did a pretty good job at keeping up with the big kids. Even John and Matt are amazingly similar, from their sense of humor to the remarkable fathers they are to their little girls.
It was an occasion we'll cherish. And we’re so excited for you to take a glance into our day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My friend, Jenn, is an encourager. She encourages me personally, but she encourages me by just looking at her life and how she lives it. She is happy and positive and fun. She’s one of those people that help make others desire to be better. She is an inspiration to me and after I talked with her yesterday, I called Matt and told him how blessed I feel to have the friends God has gifted to me.

About a month ago, Jenn called about her daughter’s birthday celebration. Mady is Rhyan’s long-time friend and will be turning 7 years old. Jenn told me that while she and Mady were discussing the party, they both came up with an idea at the same time. Instead of birthday presents, Mady wants to have those coming to her party to donate to Rhyan’s Hope. I was overwhelmed emotionally, not just because of Mady’s precious heart and desire to do something so mature beyond her years, but because I was able to see Mady’s heart as a beautiful reflection of her mommy’s. It is the perfect example of how the way we live our lives greatly impacts our children and how they love.

Thank you, Jenn. And thank you, Mady. I’m so honored to have you in our lives. You are a reminder for me to constantly strive to be the kind of woman I desire my girls to become.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

They were giggling as Daddy was making silly noises with his hand. Over the hum of the juice machine and the noise of others gathered in the donut shop, Matt didn’t think Rhyan would be able to hear. He put his hand up to Evynn’s ear and she laughed. Then he put his hand up to Rhyan’s ear and made the noise.

She looked at him. “I heard it when you did it over there.”

Then she leaned in toward him and whispered, “You know why? ‘Cause it’s a miracle.”

Rhyan’s miracle began with her birth, continued with her diagnoses, followed us through her first surgery, and maintained it’s splendor with her second. Our path has been one that continues to bless and amaze me.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105
I believe God gives us enough light at our feet to illuminate only a few steps in order for us to avoid stumbling. The darkness in the unknown ahead is filled with such excitement and promise that if we could glimpse it, we would be unable to resist running toward it, and we’d miss His present miracles. Because of this, these last few months we have walked with slow and steady steps, waiting for this day with all the hope and anticipation He loves to be witness to.

Even before we started Rhyan’s Hope, we knew baby Jillian and her family. Jillian was going to be our very first recipient, and before I even spoke to her mommy, Andrea, we shared an unshakable bond. Once I talked to her, I knew I had a friend for life. Shortly after we spoke, their insurance agreed to pay for Jillian’s initial implant.

While we rejoiced with them, we continued to pray for our first candidate. Door after door closed and then Matt asked what I thought of raising money for a bilateral, or second ear. I absolutely loved the idea. The reason Rhyan heard that noise in the donut shop is because she has two ears. Her second ear is as big a miracle as her first, and we are just as grateful. The following day, I received an email from our audiologist asking if we’d ever considered raising funds for a bilateral. And the door swung open with one grand and heavenly shove.

We prayed, and then I couldn’t call Andrea fast enough. We cried and laughed and that was the majority of our conversation! Then, on March 8th, Jillian’s first implant was activated. I was so privileged to be able to talk to Andrea afterwards and to relive Rhyan’s activation all over again. Miracles.

The next day, I talked with Andrea once again, and she said that while she was in another room, she said ‘good morning’ to Jillian, and Jillian looked for her voice. My heart is so full. When we started Rhyan’s Hope, I just kept moving and never looking back. A baby looking for her mommy’s voice after living in silence for 17 months has shown me why.

For those of you that donated, I pray that God blesses you as you read about Jillian and what your contribution will do for her life. Times are so tough for so many people and if you aren’t able to donate money, the greatest thing you can do for us is pray. God is listening.

I’ve said it before, but while this is about Jillian hearing with full capacity for her protection and quality of life, it’s even more about you. This is about your relationship with Jesus and how that relationship will grow through her story.

I love you!! And I can’t wait to tell you about what the lamp at our feet reveals next. I might not be able to see into tomorrow, but the light on our path right now is the brightest I’ve ever seen.

In His love,

Meet Jillian now and see our updated ‘Rhyan’s Story’ on


Friday, March 07, 2008

Hi Loved Ones!!

I have a novel of information coming to you in the next couple of days, so just to warn you! Some extremely exciting things going on with Rhyan's Hope :)

This entry, however, has to do with my sweet and precious husband, Matt. He has created a service so that toward little league, high school and college baseball players can track their stats just like the pros. There are also some pretty neat ways to share their stats with their family and friends. It's really awesome, and I'm not even a little bit baseball-minded!!

If you have anyone you love that plays baseball, or you have friends with kids in baseball, they might be interested to give it a try. The web addrees is:

Thank you!! I love you all!!