Saturday, October 25, 2008

At approximately 11:39 am yesterday morning, Doc was diagnosed as profoundly hearing impaired. He was rushed to the hospital but somehow couldn't wait until he arrived. Dr. Rhyan and Dr. Evynn performed emergency Cochlear Implant surgery on Doc in the ambulance. While I'm not a licensed medical professional, I was able to assist with Band-Aids and tape.

Doc can now hear. Dr. Rhyan was extremely upset that they were only able to provide one implant, however she seems to feel somewhat better about it this morning. Doc has been sleeping very well, and recovering from what Dr. Evynn called, 'a bleeding boo boo'.

And another life (albeit a fake one) is changed forever by the Cochlear Implant.

(We didn't have a spare processor, so the Doctors have been using their imagination with an old hearing aid.)


Friday, October 24, 2008

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. In the last month and ½, I didn’t get a job I was promised that we thought would be our financial rescue, a little friend of Rhyan’s passed away, my Grandma died last week followed yesterday by my Grandpa.

In the midst of it all, at the height of the pain, I failed. I was angry and bitter and I told God all about it. After crying out that I just plain didn’t understand His purpose, I started to praise Him for what He has done. And in one instant, I found hope. Maybe a small glimmer, but it’s led me one day at a time into the unknown, a little more surefooted each day. We still don’t have answers. We still don’t know how we will make it. We just know that we will.